The Laboratory of Technological Research in Pattern Recognition (LITRP), is one of the research laboratories held by the Scientific-Technological Park Building of the Catholic University of Maule. The LITRP born in 2013 and it is the result of the collaborative work of researchers from the Computer Science Department and the Agronomy Department of the Catholic University of Maule.

Our research work is characterized by a high practical component, having its application to problems in several areas of great importance to the development of the region and country. In the LITRP, research is carried out in Computer Science, in particular, in Digital Image Processing, High-Performance Computing, and Industrial Applications of Pattern Recognition. Considering that Agriculture is one of the most important economic activities of the VII Region of Chile, one of our main activities is to develop applied research and technologies for Agriculture, contributing to the productive processes of the Region.

Our laboratory has important international and national associations with institutions of recognized prestige in the academic and research fields. Likewise, we maintain cooperative relations with national companies and institutions, with which we develop different applied research projects.